Basement Conversions

Knox Developments are able to transform neglected, mouldy and dark basements into beautiful cosy living areas. We deliver two main solutions to waterproof an underground basement:

The first method is internal tanking and is normally fine against just dampness if it is applied to a suitably strong substrate. We will carry out the tanking with cement based renders and screed and other waterproof coatings bonded to the walls and floor

The second method involves lining the basement with waterproof membranes. A cavity is left between the original wall and the membrane, down which any water can pass into specially constructed drainage channels and then into a sump in the floor of the basement. The water by means of a pump is then taken away to an area where it cannot penetrate back in.

All of the materials and workmanship to be used during the course of the construction of your basement will be of the highest quality. All works will be subject to approval by the Local Authority Building Control Department.